Unchain Your Monster Mindset and Accelerate through your desired goals on only a few simple yet powerful steps!  

If you are happy living a mediocre life where you don’t maximize your potential, then this might not be for you.

But, if you are seeking to finally have the body of your dreams, get nutritional guidance from one of the world’s top professional bodybuilder, have the mindset required to crush any goal you set out for yourself and finally get rid of any small bit of anxiety you may experience from, you MUST READ ON.

As you learned in the Monster Mindset, Jon Andersen grew up a very overweight individual with no self-esteem, no work ethic and no ambition to ever go anywhere in life. He was even considered a part of the “special education” program when he was in grade school as he had severe learning disabilities.

Despite all this, Jon went on to become a successful professional strongman, professional wrestler, professional bodybuilder and millionaire. Would you believe me if I told you one of Jon’s main secrets to achieving his Monster Mindset was how he was fueling his body?

Well it is! And if you don’t believe me, you can see it for yourself on exactly why he attributes his nutrition strategies to maximizing his Monster Mindset and how you can implement them too!

Stop slowly feminizing yourself like 99% of males in our current society with an improper diet and learn how to fuel your body correctly!

When we released the Monster Mindset, we made it exactly for somebody like yourself looking to maximize their testosterone, get a chiseled physique, have more energy in their daily endeavors and become a dominating alpha male in every aspect of their life. It was a manual based on the principles that Wilson Meloncelli, Jon Andersen and Juan Rojas developed through combined decades of coaching clients in order to achieve success in the physical world through a higher level of consciousness. Achieving this higher level of consciousness involves many aspects of your life, and one of the main ones is fueling your body properly.
Having the Monster Mindset is what will set you apart from the rest of the world. The mind is the most powerful tool in your arsenal for success.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this study:

A study was done where 396 children in Australia where given a diet high in omega3 fatty acids and certain vitamins and minerals.  

The results showed higher scores on tests that measured verbal intelligence and learning and memory after 6 and 12 months in both boys and girls.

This is just one of many studies that are being released today proving to us how influential our nutrition can instantly impact our cognitive function.

Why is this important? Because the core of The Monster Mindset is to change your perspective in life; to align your mental focus and to eradicate any limiting internal obstacles stopping this alignment.

We want to show you that your mind is the most powerful weapon you have. Once you learn to utilize it to its full potential, you can be your true self.

In order to operate at a higher level of consciousness though, you must be giving your body the proper nutrients in order to think sharply.

We knew that millions of men on this Earth NEEDED help with their nutrition in order to truly maximize their potential.

We also knew that many of them could not afford to pay us for private coaching.

This is why we created the Monster Mindset; to help people like you out there and make an impact on the world.

What we did not imagine was that this was going to balloon to such a large scale and was going to leave those who learned how to achieve the Monster Mindset hungry for even more resources and information. These men who learned about diving into the Monster Mindset were seeing incredible success, but those who truly want to get out of life as much as they possibly could, realized that they needed more in depth coaching to truly reach their full Monster Mindset potential.

In order to reach your full potential, fueling your body with proper nutrients at the proper time is crucial in order to dive into the Monster Mindset. Although we touch briefly on nutrition in the book, people still wanted more in depth guidance into exactly what nutritional strategies they needed to implement in order to operate at their best.

We began getting hundreds of emails asking for help and advice on taking the Monster Mindset even further and maximizing it. We could not take on hundreds of new clients and make specific diets for them.

Not to mention, many of them could not afford our premium private rate…So what did we do?

The Monster Mindset Academy is NOW LIVE!

We decided to create the Monster Mindset Academy. You will be having access to some very exclusive content that will be crucial in order for you to truly dive into your Monster Mindset.  

Jon Andersen wants to show you the exact nutrition, training and meditation methods he has used and is using with his clients in order for you to get the body you have always wanted and the Monster Mindset necessary to get you there. With new content being constantly being released for your benefit, Jon is taking you under his wing and showing you every step of the way to seeing success.
Jon Andersen wants to show you the exact nutrition, training and meditation methods he has used and is using with his clients in order for you to get the body you have always wanted and the Monster Mindset necessary to get you there.

With new content being constantly being released for your benefit, Jon is taking you under his wing and showing you every step of the way to seeing success.

Jon usually charges $500 for just a single coaching call and $8000 for a month’s worth of personal training coaching with him.

Not to mention, he charges much more for nutrition coaching which is a crucial part of your physical and mental performance.

In the Monster Mindset academy, Jon has sections that will take you step by step on exactly what you should be eating and at what times in order to get ripped and dive into your Monster Mindset.

Although the book itself is an amazing resource, this only stimulates our visual senses and some of the message may be lost as 50% of communication is actually non-verbal.

So, what is the Monster Mindset Academy?

It is a resource for those who want to truly experience the Monster Mindset to its full potential.

It is a full database with videos and resources that will help you see success by teaching you more in depth strategies that the book does not expand on.

You got sections like:

The Monster Mindset library.

The Monster Mindset meditation videos

The Monster Mindset Nutrition.

Exercise tutorials

Strongman, bodybuilding & wrestling motivational stories

And load more monster material! 

What you can expect: 

An increased understanding of the Monster Mindset.

In depth knowledge on nutrition strategies to transform your body and mind.

A guide on creating a nutrition program necessary to reach your goals.

Personalized exclusive coaching from Jon Andersen himself.

Detailed meditation videos for those who are new to meditating and how to dive into your Monster Mindset as quickly as possible.

Access to other books that star John that will improve your overall quality of life.

Imagine being coached by somebody who has been a professional in not only one, but three high level athletic careers. Jon’s job is to get people in the best mental and physical shape of their life. He has been creating nutrition programs for people through the decades in order to have them strip body fat, build lean muscle and perform optimally.
Jon Andersen has been around the world over and over again displaying the most impressive athletic abilities you can imagine.

From lifting some of the most unimaginable weights in the world, to wrestling some of the biggest guys on this planet, to displaying his physique like a work of art as a professional bodybuilder.

This man has no limits at age 42 and he is here to show you that the only limits you have are because you have set them upon yourself. He will show you exactly how to plow through what you may see as limitations.

The Monster Mindset is an amazing resource for you to learn the basic knowledge of creating your perfect life. But in order to really achieve it, coaching will be a huge part of this. Constantly receiving new material in audio and video format will be a huge part of your success in order to alter your body and operate at a higher level of consciousness.

Jon Andersen has accumulated 30 years of experience with clients and has perfected his system.

Although the Monster Mindset involves utilizing a higher level of consciousness to reach your goals, proper nutrition, training and supplementation must be utilized in order for this to happen.

Jon will take you through the exact consultation process and give you the nutritional methods and explanations on how and why you should do things a certain way. He will also take you step by step on how to perform the necessary exercises required in order for you to finally have the body of your dreams. Lifting weights is not just a matter of copying what you see someone at the gym do, but it is an art that must be learned. Jon is here to explain it to you. It is like having a professional bodybuilder be your own personal trainer!

Do not wait any longer! Join the Monster Mindset Academy today and never look back again!

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