Frequently Asked Questions

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The Difference in the Meditation days
All meditation days, mirror the exact workout you have inside the monster workout plan. When you watch the mediations from the beginning you will see Jon performing the workout you will do that day.
So for example;
Day 1; Squats etc...
You will relax with your full body pendulum you can clear you mind and create a will then see Day 1 workout..... then close your eyes and being to see, feel, hear yourself performing the workout. In the background you will hear the binaural beats.
I Can't Download my Program

If you check your emails, you will find an email from clickbank. This is your receipt. Inside this receipt you will find a green download button. Click it and you will be redirect the program page:) 

What is the Monster Mindset Acadmey

The Academy is membership area, where you get all of the monster mindset training. Nutrition, workouts, motivation, month group coaching calls with Jon and much more...  

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Sound On The Meditations

So the sound on the meditations my sound strange in the beginning.  On all the meditations you have the binaural beat of 7.83hz in the background. This is buzzing type of sound. The frequency is embedded to help your drift your mind in the mindset of a monster. For more information on binaural beats, check the last chapters of your manual.