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Do you know what the most powerful hormone in the male body is? You may have guessed it by the title of this article. Testosterone is responsible for many functions in the body. It helps with things like building muscle, it plays a major role in our sexual health, and it is a big factor in our physical health. One aspect that people often neglect is the role it plays in our mental health. Testosterone can really impact the way an individual thinks, and this is why many studies link signs of depression and fatigue to lower testosterone levels.

Do you think you can dive into your Monster Mindset if you are not operating at a higher level of consciousness? The answer is obvious. If you are feeling tired, fatigued, unmotivated and experiencing a lower self-esteem, you will never achieve the goals that you may have. These, unfortunately, can all be signs of lower testosterone levels. In a study done in 106 males with lower testosterone levels where 1 group received a dose of testosterone replacement therapy and one group received a placebo, the findings were astonishing. The men receiving the testosterone had much lower signs of aging and depression and had a significant increase in energy and sexual health.

As we age, our testosterone levels begin to decrease and we must do everything possible to keep them elevated. Not to mention, in our current society there are so many toxins in our food, our environment and even in our self-care products that can inhibit the production of testosterone and boost the main female hormone known as estrogen. This is why in the Monster Mindset Academy we work so hard at educating individuals like yourself to understand that to maximize your Monster Mindset, you have to fuel your body with the proper nutrients. Some things you can do to ensure that you are maximizing your testosterone are:

  1. Weight training with large compound movements as heavy as possible with good form and a lower rep range.
  2. Eating a diet full of vegetables which contain many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  3. Ensuring you are eating your healthy fats and good cholesterol from sources like organic meats, egg yolks and many more.
  4. Choosing to maintain a positive mindset and viewing life with an optimistic point of view.
  5. Staying away from things that can cause an increase in estrogen like soy products, certain self-care products, or processed foods.

Having higher levels of testosterone can be the difference between you being mediocre or you living out your greatest life. The increased confidence you will have cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Make sure that you are doing everything possible in your day to day life in order to boost your testosterone and properly fuel you Monster Mindset!