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“Don’t worry about what people think about you, don’t worry about what people think you’re crazy, you worry about what is important to you." - Jon Andersen 

Have you ever told somebody your dreams or what you want to achieve and they instantly knock it down? They instantly say: “Oh you can’t do that” or “that is impossible to do.”

This is because their limiting beliefs do not allow them to see success as a possibility. These people are stuck in a rut of being mediocre and living life day to day just waiting until retirement and death. Jon Andersen grew up his entire life as an obese kid looking for the answers to his problems in a tub of ice cream. Jon had the mindset that most people have, the mindset of a loser. People classified him as a “special kid” and Jon began thinking that he would never amount to anything because that is what society expected of him.

If you look at Jon now, he is a successful millionaire, with one of the best bodies in the world, an amazing family and a professional at 3 different high-level sports. How did he turn his life around? With the Monster Mindset. Jon learned that he could achieve anything he set his mind out to do with the proper work ethic and with a strong mindset. It did not matter at all what other’s thought about him or what they expected of him. Jon learned that what mattered was what he thought about himself. What limitations he was setting on himself that would hold him back from reaching his dreams.

Jon completely transformed his life by developing a Monster Mindset. This gave him the confidence and skills required in order to progress much faster than most people out there. What does Jon have in common with somebody like yourself? The fact that you are both human beings that face adversity and difficulties. The time will never be the perfect time for you to go and chase your dreams. It will never be the right time to lose weight, or begin that business venture, or to go talk to that girl at the bar. You just have to dive right into it with confidence and create your own opportunities!

Jon has traveled the world doing what he loves including going to North Korea and promoting an event called Wrestling for Peace. If you want to read more about Jon’s story, make sure to check out Fuel the Cycle of Greatness and the Monster Mindset. In these 2 books, you will learn how to acquire the abilities and skills required so you too can be a successful individual!